The tracks are raw and honest; the songs too, the band is tight.

The trio, Chris Bridgett (Guitar & Vocals), Carrie Lawson (Bass) and Selina Woolnough (Drums) got together on January 24th 2018 in Prestwich that’s the same night MES died, that means nothing we just thought we’d drop it in.  The band celebrated their recent first birthday with a gig in a boxing ring in Salford; it’s different with Cold Water Swimmers.

Summer Breeze is a redemption song, “open up the window if you want to catch a summer breeze”. I’ll Be Your Witness is a reminder that everything you say and do, counts, be that good or bad, laid out in the opening lyric “I hope that you choke on the words that you spoke they come back to haunt you daunt you, that’s no joke..”

The odds continue to improve for Cold Water Swimmer, tipped by Louder than War as one of the 50 new bands to watch in 2019 and with shows at The Alphabet Brewery March 8th for Birds On A Wire Does Women’s Day, March 30th You Are Not Alone Festival and on April 17th at the Salty Dog Northwich it’s probably time to dive in!