After taking some time off the road and putting their energy into other things, Issues return with their first new song in three years.

Issues new track Tapping Out delivers their signature cocktail of metallic groove, hip-hop phrasing, alternative echoes, and edgy pop appeal. Again, the Atlanta four-piece has created an instantly irresistible anthem with singer Tyler Carter nimbly delivering rock swagger and hard-hitting heaviness with ease.

Speaking about the new song Issues explain ‘We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally release new music. Tapping Out is not only a highly anticipated drop for us, but lyrically highlights the struggles of trying to make something work time and time again. Eventually, you just want to tap out. Whether it’s in a relationship, with yourself, or even with a band!’

Time to check Tapping Out yourself:

Issues are currently on tour with I Prevail in the USA: along with the new track, we feel this looks good for more releases and further live dates in the near future.

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