L.A.’s Low Hum is set to release his beautifully vulnerable and kaleidoscopic debut album Room To Breathe on 7th June on Last Gang Records. In anticipation, today  Low Hum’s newest single, Fake Reality, has been released.

Hawaiian born producer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Desha’s aka Low Hum most indelible memories were formed in his childhood and the Hawaiian lifestyle and culture. Surrounded by the ocean and traditional Hawaiian music. It wasn’t until the self-proclaimed surf punk kid picked up the ukulele at 12 years old that he found his life’s calling. “That’s essentially what got me into music,” says Desha. “I still surf, but once the music thing took over, that changed the course of my life.”

At 17, Desha arrived in Los Angeles, green and hungry to expand his musical identity. “I was so secluded in Hawaii creatively and musically,” he says. “So, once I got here, I tried to absorb everything the scene had to offer.” He also imprinted upon films like Alfonso Cuarón’s dystopian classic Children of Men and cinema auteurs like Stanley Kubrick and applied the sense of wonderment they instilled in him to his own craft. “How can I distort the process? How can I do something that’s different, or creatively different than just writing a song?” he remembers thinking.

To date, Low Hum has released two intriguing singles Strange Love, I Don’t Know Me Like You Do, plus an eponymous EP. All of which has won praise and a growing following particularly around the Los Angeles music scene. The captivating mix of psychedelic pop and spaced out rock which explores a heady mix of late-night soundscapes and danceable grooves.

Inspired by his LA peers who controlled their creative process, from writing to recording to production, Desha adopted the moniker Low Hum and set up his home studio, determined to write with no boundaries. Shortly after meeting Parisian drummer/producer Jules De Gasperis, the two west coast transplants’ began working together, which resulted in a five-track EP lowhum, showcasing Low Hum’s honeyed, haunting vocals and subtle psychedelic arrangements reminiscent of Tame Impala.

Altogether, there is a lot to get excited about for a psychedelic, dreamy and soothing debut album, when Low Hum’s Room To Breathe is released 7th June on Last Gang Records.

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