Go Full Circle with allusinlove

They hail from Leeds, and are considered something of a cult band. And now, allusinlove are back after a break with the release of a new song, Full Circle.

The new identity of the band has brought a brand new attitude too. Full Circle is no exception. What you will witness at the end of this blurb is the live version of the song. What you will hear is fantastic.

The beginning has a feel of old Black Sabbath about it, before it really gets going. A perfect blend of loud guitar, loud drums and vocals which can settle in any musical mood. Oh, and a great solo in the middle of it.

Full Circle doesn’t miss a beat at all, and will appease everyone who has been missing an extremely decent rock band in a very long time. The band have announced dates for an extensive UK tour as well, you will find them just below the video. And, personally, I think you’d be mad to miss them. This cult band deserves the recognition of the big boys if this song is anything to go by. Great stuff by allusinlove

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We rate:
5.0 rating