Black Keys release first new music in 5 years

The Black Keys have been around for quite sometime now, and the two-piece rockers haven’t really changed their sound much in their 18 year career, and that’s still the case. The new single, titled “Lo/Hi” is as raunchy and beautiful as their other music, and it’s good to hear that the band are back, and haven’t sold out their sound to synths and spacey effects.

The track opens with a gutsy driven riff, typical of the mastermind that is Dan Auerbach. With 5 years since any new music, it’s really good to hear that fuzzy, distorted guitar, accompanied by those beautifully raw vocals that are so distinct to this bands sound. It’s toward the end of the track before the Auerbach rips up a storm with the guitar solo in this track, but it’s well worth the wait, and it’s not often you get such a good, structured guitar solo in rock music these days.

Whilst the drums aren’t over complicated on this new track, they sound great. The drums have always sounded great on their albums, and they have definitely kept it up with this new single. I think a lot of the quality of the drum sound is down to the track being produced by the band, as Carney and Auerbach know what the music should sound like.

This track is a beautiful bit of noise, and I just hope there is more to come this year from this astonishing duo.

Feature image Credit: Alysse Gafkjen