A first look at his upcoming album, and it’s showing all the right signs

Since signing to Warner Bros. in 2011, Gary Clark Jr has made a name for himself with his outstanding music, especially in the world of blues. Now about to release his 5th studio album, titled ‘This Land’, things are looking promising.

So far, 3 singles have been released off this album, and they are a mix of all of Clark Jr’s genres. First to be released was the title track, ‘This Land’. A track which opens up with beautiful, bluesy guitar licks, but all of sudden develops into this hip-hop masterpiece. Now whilst Clark may have hinted at hip-hop influences in the past, this is his first track which you could class as hip-hop. Admittedly, it takes a listen or two before it grows on you, but when it does, you realise it’s actually one of his most powerful tracks in his near 20 year career. Whilst ‘This Land’ is a mainly hip-hop track, it still keeps in Clark’s rock influences, and finishes with a great, bluesy, distorted guitar solo.

Next to be released was, ‘I Walk Alone’. Now this is the sort of track where Clark Jr really comes into his own. His soulful voice is the perfect accompaniment to the effect ridden guitar which keeps the song ticking along. The signature riff which opens this song litters the track, and features just before one of the best guitar solo’s Clark Jr has ever written rips through the track and is the icing on the cake. It’s hard to get the balance between astonishing, soulful vocals and such heavily distorted guitar riffs, but this man is the master of achieving the perfect balance between the two, and when tracks like this one are released, it shows just how talented Gary Clark Jr is, and why he has been so successful these past few years.

The latest release, and probably the last until the release of the album on 22nd February is ‘Pearl Cadillac’. This is blues at it’s finest. It’s raw, it’s easy to listen to, and it just drives along as such an ease it’s unbelievable. Once again, the track is driven by Clark’s astonishing guitar tone. The drawn out bends of the higher strings which a scattered throughout the track bring your focus back to the music rather than the unbelievable vocal track which Clark Jr has laid down. It’s guitar music that would have the likes of BB King smiling in his grave, and the vocals are some of the finest since Aretha Franklin.

The album, ‘This Land’ is released on 22nd February 2019 and is available to pre-order on his website