You Are Not Alone Festival (YANA) is a multi-venue festival taking place across three venues in Manchester, Night & Day Cafe & Jimmys (18+) & The Whiskey Jar is (14+) in aid of non-profit mental health charity Manchester Mind.

The aim behind Mind is twofold.

The first is provide support and advice to anyone suffering, as one in four of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lives and NHS provisions cut to an all-time low, it is a service that many in the Manchester area need every day. The second is to be advocates and break down the stigma surrounding mental health, campaigning for rights and fair treatment for people who often need it the most but due to lack of education and awareness by society, receive it the least.

Organiser Ben Taylor describes why more help needs to be available and the personal connection he has with the cause “Mental Health is such a huge issue, and has played a big part of my life, I’ve lost many friends and had my own problems. I wanted to do something for Manchester, raise awareness and much needed funds for the non-profit charity Manchester Mind, who do an incredible job.”

The link between mental health issues and the music industry has been firmly placed into the spot light with recent high profile suicides such as Scott Hutchinson, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell who all suffered in silence along with thousands of other before deciding

But while this intrinsic link is shocking, is it surprising? We encourage artists be authentic and to share their pain with us, as listeners we pour over it, as journalists we praised them for it, but are these artists ever asked if they can handle the pain they are in.

If we actually think about it musicians are in a surreal and often emotionally damaging situation. Heart ache, self-doubt, pain and grief can be the catalyst for a number one album, and expressing it can be cathartic but unlike a painter who can move on to the next piece, the experience has to be repeatedly relived through the recording process and then on stage every night. When your job revolves around the retelling of your most painful memories then do issues with depression and suicide become almost inevitable? In short more needs to be done to both recognise and treat sufferers within the industry.

Playing Live Are The K’s // Liam Frost // Y.O.U.N.G // Heavy On The Magic // Moses // Time For Action // Polar States // Space Monkeys // Deja Vega // Scuttlers // Purple Heart Parade // Danny Mahon // Velvet Shakes // The Longcut // The Jade Assembly // Jess Kemp // White Eskimo // Secluded Sea // Cold Water Swimmers // Ventrelles // The C33s // // Joe Mccorriston // Martin Finnigan // Ashley Sherlock // 4ft Soldiers.

And DJ Sets From Everything Everything // Jordan Allen // Thomas Keenan // Dave Sweetmore // Dean Fagan // Dan Deighan // Andy Woods // Thirsty Girls Collective // Ryan Paul // All Across The Tracks // Russ Wood // Rhodri Parry // Cameron Rawson/

The line-up is incredibly strong with both returning scene favorites and new up and comers supporting this undoubtedly worthy cause. Tickets are just £10 for a wristband and with only 25 left this is going to be a sell-out.