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Hailing from Austin, Texas, neo-Psych Rock crew THE CUCKOOS release their new single ‘A Little Bit Funky’ Recently.

The Cuckoos are Kenneth Frost, Dave North, Eric Ross and Cole Koenning. 

We caught up with Vocalist Kenneth Frost and asked him:
1, What has been your biggest f@ck up on stage? Where was it, what song was it how was it received by fans?
Probably at one of our more recent gigs. I started a new song off with my finger on the pitch bend, so I was out of key. I noticed pretty quick and the audience didn’t care cause it was a song they had never heard before haha.

2, You’re changing the band’s name to your favorite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ?

Strawberry Tonsil Removal

3, How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points…

I assume you’re talking about ticket scalpers and such but I’m not really sure, maybe limit per person sales or make the purchaser and each attendee register their email or something so they know there is an individual for each ticket sale and not just one person buying the lot to make profit from.

4, What would your Music Super Power be and what other band would you use it on and why?
I’d like to play everything, but i don’t think you need super powers for that. Just dedication. Maybe the power to not go deaf?
5, Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for, Who is it?
Prince’s Telecaster. I don’t even know or where to begin on why ha ha.
Inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, ALBF came about from a riff singer Kenneth Frost came up with late one night, figuring that “any good funk song should have the word funk in it”. A psychedelic 80s style video, premiered yesterday by Surviving The Golden Age can be seen here: 

Imagine The Doors, Joy Division, and Rick James writing songs with Tame Impala to begin to get the picture. The Cuckoos are carving their own path though, hungry to become more than the sum-total of the music that has inspired them and to diligently add new elements that will inspire others. 

“We just want to make music that makes people feel good and feel bad,” Frost says. “We just want them to feel something, something that’s passionate and honest.”

Always loved music live, enjoy all genre's. Adding photography into the mix has been more recent and enjoying combing the two together. Self confessed vinyl junkie, so if not down the front, often found searching through record shops.

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