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Has Magnus Carlson has announces a special one off concert in London Crossfire, we caught up with him for a Five in Five…

Crossfire started in 2001, bringing together all the different elements of the London 60s scene for a big night of pure vintage underground partying. Magnus and his seven-piece band will be performing tracks from his ‘Northern Soul Sessions’ EP and forthcoming album.

1, What’s the most and least Rock n’ Roll thing you’ve done this week?
At the moment I’m touring Sweden and I do gigs almost every night. I’m never very “Rock’n’Roll” as I’m a soul singer/crooner. Last Sunday I was free and I went out eating and drinking with my wife as it was our wedding day. 12 years now! We passed a free festival in the middle of Stockholm and we saw a show with a soul/funk band we know. I felt an urge and got up and sang with them in front of a thousand people. I was going on about it being our wedding day and i sang Jackie Wilsons “(Your Love Is Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” looking at my missus. I don’t know if that was “Rock’n’Roll” or cheesy. Probably both. So that’s an answer to both questions right there.

2, John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Kurt Cobain;

A, who would you go to a gig with and what gig would it be? (past or present)

I have been to a gig with Liam. We saw Primal Scream together. I know Andy Bell and I used to hang out with Oasis a few times a year about ten years ago. Went to see them all over the place. Me and Andy used to have a monthly DJ club night in Stockholm.

My dad was locked in a Hotel bar in Sheffield in 1963. It was just him and The Beatles there. He told me “That John was a funny bastard!”. My dad didn’t know much english and nothing about pop music. We never had Beatles records at home (or any other records) when I grew up. My dad was a bricklayer and he was in England because he was involved in the union. Meeting british unionists. I would love to gave been able to meet Lennon to ask him if he remember meeting my dad. Apparently they exchanged a lot of swear words.
I never listened to grunge so Nirvana didn’t mean anything to me. I just thought they had terrible clothes.

I’d like to go to a Liam Gallagher gig with John Lennon. That would be interesting.

B, who would take for a beer and what would you ask them?

I would like to have a beer with Mick Jones again. We got to know each other in the late 90s. Whenever I was in London if QPR had a home game I’d go to his house and ring the doorbell a few hours prior to the game. I knew he would go to the match cause he had a sesson ticket. We’d pop into his local pub and then go to the match. We did this quite a few times. I would like to do that again! I don’t have his number any more and i don’t know where he lives now. If he sees this: Get in touch! We even wrote some songs together. I would ask him how he’s been. That’s a good normal start for a conversation between old absent friends.

C, who would let punch you in the face and why?

It’s not very nice to touch anyone’s face. No matter the reason. Not even gently. Just don’t.

3, Which song or album do you wish you had written?
Wooooooh. Far too many. I’m more of a band person. Working together. Like a football team. I don’t write whole songs on my own. I like to collaborate. Writing music is very much a social thing for me. I write lyrics on my own. But not music. I don’t call myself a “composer”. I don’t like the word “artist” either. Its too pretentious. I like to write words and especially i like to sing. Full stop. I don’t play any instrument properly. (Just strumming a guitar doesn’t count). I get together with people who can. Mind: I would love to be the author of “Imagine”.

4, When did you realize you had made it as a musician? What were you doing that made you think… “F**k yeah! Made it!”?
I still trying to learn and figure out how it’s done. And i have made my living from singing for 20 years now! But I realise a lot of people like me, my singing and my songs. They like it so much they pay for it. I’m Forever grateful but never take it for granted. This spring me and my band played three sold out nights in the lathets indoors arena in Stockholm. During the last song of the third gig I sat down on the edge of the stage and thought “This is the peak of my musical career. From now on it’s all downhill”. But I hope not!

5, If you could, what would you change to bring more live music to the masses?
In Sweden people really go out to see gigs. It’s wonderful!

Magnus plays the 60’s and Northern Soul Allnighter Crossfire on October 21st.

Magnus Carlson has announced a special one off concert in London. He plays the 60’s and Northern Soul Allnighter Crossfire on October 21st. Crossfire started in 2001, bringing together all the different elements of the London 60s scene for a big night of pure vintage underground partying. Magnus and his seven-piece band will be performing tracks from his ‘Northern Soul Sessions’ EP and forthcoming album. Support comes from The Wheels and Green Seagull.

Magnus Carlson is one of the most successful male artists in Sweden. His latest solo album – a testament to his passion for Northern Soul (sung in Swedish) – went straight to number one in his native country earlier this year. Magnus has now recorded the entire album in English and is set to release the first tracks from it this month in the form of an EP ‘The Northern Soul Sessions’, featuring his debut UK single ‘The Long Way Home’.

His Swedish gold selling album was partly recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn studio with producer and bassist Andy Lewis, together with a slew of top British session musicians. The record has been hailed as one of the best Swedish albums of 2017, still in the top 40 after 6 months, and still receiving huge radio play. ‘The Northern Soul Sessions’ will be released both digitally and on two special 7”s’, featuring two newly written originals, as well as two covers; the Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s classic ‘Beggin’ and Eddie Holman’s ‘I Surrender’.

Magnus Carlson has had a long and illustrious career. He’s collaborated with more artists than even he can remember. From duets with songstress Anna Ternheim to features on big house tracks; from performing Velvet Underground-covers with Nina Persson of The Cardigans and Ebbot Lundberg of The Soundtrack of Our Lives to playing horns with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Magnus is a self-proclaimed vinyl junkie, a devoted record collector and highly respected DJ in his native Sweden. He also runs Bangers ‘n’ Mash, one of the longest standing club nights in Stockholm. Launched in 2005 the night has hosted guest DJ’s like Kevin Rowland, Suggs, Alan McGee, Mani, Andy Lewis, Eddie Piller, Dean Rudland, Andy Bell, Jonathan Owen, Vicky McClure, Steve Craddock, Paolo Hewitt, Shaun Ryder, Tim Burgess, Bob Stanley, Gem Archer, Little Barrie, Dot Allison and many more.

Magnus Carlson a modern-day version of the classic 60’s blue eyed soul singer, with such a moving, genre defying, straight-to-the-heart quality to his voice, it’s been known to make grown men cry – on more than one occasion. On stage, his seven-piece band consists of the absolute cream of the crop of Scandinavia’s jazz and soul musicians. They are guaranteed to blow the socks off any hardcore soul fans.

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