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Straight off the back of a string of summer gigs and festivals up and down the country, The RPMs are back and all revved up with a bigger sound than before.

We caught up with the guys recently to see how things were going, and asked them a few questions:

1, What has been your biggest f@ck up on stage? Where was it, what song was it how was it received by fans?
Easy one, we played at the Pilton Party a few years ago supporting Wolf Alice and Rudimental and it was obviously the biggest gig we’d ever played and the front man broke a string on the first chord of the first song. Not only that, but the bass cut out at one point and in the confusion we skipped two songs in the set list. Every band has bad gigs and we’d always laugh it off afterwards, but this time no one said anything in the dressing room…we were mortfified. But then the drummer from Wolf Alice came over and consoled us being really nice saying we’d handled it really well and told us of a really bad time they’d had on stage recently. Also when we went out into the audience to watch them and Rudimental loads of people came over to us to say they’d really enjoyed the show and in some ways our mishap had made it more entertaining cos we laughed it off and made it part of the show. You’re kinda at the mercy of the night with live shows so it’s all about how you handle it.
2, You’re changing the band’s name to your favorite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ?
 Strawberry Hangover
3, How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points…


Ha, feels like we’re answering a GCSE question! Good question, though much older and wiser people in the industry are still struggling for an answer so not sure we’ll be any better. It’s hard to simplify a really complicated issue, but I guess it can only ever be stopped by the fans in several ways. Main one, is of course that fans create the demand for ticket touts to supply and if they refuse to buy touted tickets at inflated prices then by removing the demand the supply might die off. Another way is that fans could make sure they never buy from the secondary ticket sites and only ever buy from sources as direct to the band as possible. Sites such as Music Glue, which we use, are very fan friendly and have a quota of tickets to sell in a direct line from the band. So far, I don’t think they’ve been hacked by the massive buying bots that hoover up tickets for secondary sites for any of the bands on their site. There will of course always be people who genuinely need to resell tickets that they can’t use of course and maybe the only solution for that is for them to resell via the band or artists’s FB page and sell directly to a real person – if it finishes up on a secondary site then the price immediately gets stupid. A big part of it is probably educating and informing the public more and more about how online touting works, how much damage it’s doing to their favourite artists so they can make informed decisions about where they buy their tickets from. The stupid thing is we don’t know anyone who pays these crazy secondary site prices, even for their favourite bands, so it’s hard to know how many of them actually do get sold at those prices and how many end up being sold off on the cheap at the lest minute. There you go, did we pass?  
4, What would your Music Super Power be and what other band would you use it on and why?
To create reunions and we’d use it on loads of bands. Imagine that on The Beatles or something, but would also require the power to bring people back from the dead.  
5, Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for,
Who is it?
Freddie Mercury
What Instrument?
His voice – technically counts as an instrument 🙂
Cos you could sing anything 


Thanks for taking part. 

The RPMs are:
Jack Valero – guitar, vocals
Miguel Cosme – bass guitar, vocals
Callum James – drums, vocals
Ollie Summers – lead guitar
Chris Bowden – keyboards

You can catch the guys on tour:

NOV 2017

30 London Sebright Arms – Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club

DEC 2017
01 Manchester The Castle Hotel
02 Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
03 Glasgow Garage (Attic Bar)
07 Brighton The Hope and Ruin
09 Southampton Heartbreakers
10 Guildford The Boileroom

Always loved music live, enjoy all genre's. Adding photography into the mix has been more recent and enjoying combing the two together. Self confessed vinyl junkie, so if not down the front, often found searching through record shops.

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