Battle Of The Bands Winners – Cabezudos

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Friday 22nd April saw the final of Liverpools’ Battle of the Bands. The show was rightly won by Cabezudos, ( they have been together for just over a year ) who gave an electric performance and had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

The 4 piece consisting of Jack Hughes ( vocals ) Chris Bolton ( lead guitar ) Tom Maher ( bass ) and Harry Strachan ( drums ) and with the help of occasional trumpeter Sean Fay, tore up the stage, with Jack moving like a cross between Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and a caged tiger.

Chris filled the club with his howling guitar and Tom with his usual complicated, but also apt bass lines added to the tension. All this was topped off with Harrys usual rhythmic, but atomic drumming.  All together it was a wall of sound that ripped through the crowd creating a tidal wave of noise.

The finale of Could You Be Wrong , was met with rapturous applause and guaranteed the golden ticket. I was a night I was glad I attended.

When leaving, as I waded through the inch of fluids on the floor, combining beer, water and sweat ( the sign of a great night ) I spoke to a few of the people leaving . There was an overall feel good factor and camaraderie, about what they witnessed and hopeful talks about the next gig, which is always a good sign. Cabezudos are ones to watch in the future!