L7 (US) + support: White Miles (AUT) – Amager Bio, Copenhagen

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Much better live than on record – L7 live in Amager Bio, Copenhagen, 31. August 2016:

A boring Wednesday evening made much better, by these top-notch rockers.

White Miles:
The Austria Tyrolese duo makes a huge impact, as the still-sparse crowd gather in front of the stage. Singer/guitarist (and bassist, for that matter – more on that later…) Medina Rekic, and drummer-extraordinaire Hansjörg Loferer, kicks the audience in their faces with their hard-hitting, balls-ripping masterpiece of a show. Their music is so extreme, but at the same time so well executed, and Rekic’s gnarly female voice is violent and extremely lovable at the same time.

White Miles
White Miles

Her ability to make a Telecaster and an AC30 amp make up for both guitar and bass, makes you not miss a real bassist at any point during the show.
Loferer’s drum fills and finesse-topped solos impress everyone, and the fact that he’s literally dripping with sweat after only a few songs, underlines how hard these two Austrians are working on stage.
The duo’s front-woman has most of the stage for herself, as she run, jump and stand at her toe tips all over the stage.
We had the pleasure of a rock star, who went to the very edge of the stage, and beyond it.
Now, The White Stripes… You might think. Duo… Girl+boy… Well, let’s just say that the only few things these two bands have in common, is the amount of people and the word “white”.
If you think the former is punk rock, you haven’t heard the latter.
White Miles have supported rock-nobilities like Courtney Love, The Truckfighters, and was actually supporting Eagles Of Death Metal during their show in Paris in November ’15. Which, you might recall, ended tragically for 89 poor rock-loving souls.
White Miles – Highly recommended if you like extreme punk rock with just the right amount of modern twist. What especially struck me as a former musician, was that these two hard-working Austrians helped pack down their own gear!

White Miles helped take down their own gear!
White Miles helped take down their own gear!

L7 was a defining force in the early 90’s, as grunge rolled across the globe. Despite being from California, many people think they’re an actual Seattle band. One of their only connections to grunge would be their participation in Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic rock documentary, “The Beauty Process”.
Nevertheless, they sounded, and absolutely still do, like the best from all of the US West Coast 90’s bands combined. After a break in 2001, the original ensemble got back together in 2014, and have toured the world in any place, from small clubs to massive festivals. L7’s music can frequently be found on soundtracks for the more edgy and cool movies and video games (!) Yes, video games… Memorable movie appearances (music wise), include Natural Born Killers, Tank Girl and The Grunge Years. If you’ve seen any of those movies, you’ve most definitely heard either “Shitlist” or “Shove”.

Anyway, here we are after the break. White Miles are relaxing backstage, after I had the pleasure to shake Rekic’s hand and thank her for the show. With big fans blowing from all sides, the girls’ long hair were flappin’ and flicking’ in the wind generated by the fans, creating a fantastic play in the coloured lights.
Kicking it off with “Deathwish” and the Hollywood-trashy “Andres”, guitarist/singer Suzi Gardner looked like someone who had a good time, but didn’t move a lot at first (especially compared to the former act). Until “Everglade” came on. The now-bulging-with-people former movie theatre, was already getting to the boiling point. The laid-back but rock-nasty “Monster”, “Scrap” and “Fuel My Fire” built up the excited audience even more. The other front-woman, Donita Sparks, wailed her Gibson Flying V with an attitude, as she told small stories between each song, and asked people where they were from. Despite having just toured Sweden before Copenhagen, about 1/3 of the turnup were Swedes.

Dee Plakas on drums laid the foundation for this refreshingly provocative group, and looked like she had an awesome time up there behind the drums, while Jennifer Finch on bass looked the most relaxed of the bunch. But don’t be fooled: These girls can rock like the best of ‘em!

Jennifer Finch, Donita Sparks - L7
Jennifer Finch, Donita Sparks – L7

After asking the audience who was an L7 virgin and who was an L7 whore, we got “Crackpot Baby”, “Shove”, “Freak Magnet” and “Shitlist” to end the set.
As the lights wasn’t turned on, it was obvious that we would get more, so the girls came back and played the Eddie & The Subtitles hit, “American Society”, “Pretend We’re Dead” and “Fast and Frightening”.


L7 turned out to be much better live than on records, and without knowing anything about their private lives and what they’ve been up to for 13 years, they sure do what they can to capture the audience in live shows across the world.
Top notch evening, excellent choice of support, and a solid performance from the finger-flicking Californian quartet. As far as all-women rock bands, I only need to see The Donnas live, then my list is complete.

Check out lots more images from these two shows here.

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