Clutch, Eagles Club, Milwaukee

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Clutch bring their psychedelic rock n’ roll to a packed Eagles Club, Milwaukee.

From the first notes of ‘Cyborg Bette’ the crowd was in full swing. 

The stage was dimly lit.  The crowd was already sweating from packing in tight to get closer to the front of the stage.  The band filled the stage and cheers filled the room once lead singer Neil Fallon was visible on stage.  They opened with two songs off their second newest album Earth Rocker.

Between snapping photos as fast as I could I turned to see the crowd with their arms in the air and either thrashing their heads to the beat or singing along to the songs.  They continued into their seventeen song set list with their 2004 single ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ off of their wildly successful album Blast Tyrant.  Clutch mainly stuck to their newest albums playing five songs off their latest release Psychic Warfare.  The band dug deep into their ’95 self titled release for three fan favorites.  ‘Big News I’, ‘Spacegrass’, and ‘The House That Peterbilt’ brought out the cheers from the old schoolers in attendance.

Clutch finished off their set with three booming funky/bluesy/pure rock and roll songs.  ‘Earth Rocker’ has a funky groovy beat to it.  The band looked like they were full on having fun performing this one.  They dove into ‘Electric Worry’.  It makes me feel like I should be sitting on a porch out in the country in Tennessee smoking a pipe (tobacco :D) and losing myself in the music.

They transitioned into their stapled closing song on this tour.  ‘X-Ray Vision’ is pure rock and roll.  It is filled with heavy driving and hardcore solos with Tim on guitar, deep driven bass lines from Dan Maines, and straight metal out of drummer Jean-Paul Gaster.  Neil showcases his vocals by packing in lyrics and managing to spit them out faster than a blink of your eye.

Clutch dominates the stage with their presence.  You won’t see much motion from Tim or Dan as they play, but they are skilled and constantly playing intricate pieces.  Neil does a great job as frontman.  He runs all over the stage engaging the entire room.  It is also fun to see his different hand gestures.  He is one of the types that likes to use his hands/arms to express the words he is speaking/singing.  Their live sound is also something special to witness.  They play extended parts of songs and put down some serious funk.

For me not much beats out being behind the camera for one of my favorite bands.  My cousin got me into Clutch back when I was still in grade school.  Since then I have tried not to miss them when they came through Chicago.  Their music has changed slightly since their inception, but they are still putting out quality music consistently.

It speaks volumes that they have stuck together from being friends in high school to touring the world over and over the past twenty years.  They continue their tour with Primus across the country, make sure you don’t miss a chance to experience this band live.  Remaining tour dates can be found HERE.  If you want to listen to their setlist click HERE to check it out on Spotify.

Set List:

  1. Cyborg Bette
  2. Crucial Velocity
  3. The Mob Goes Wild
  4. Sucker for the Witch
  5. Unto the Breach
  6. Big News I
  7. 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
  8. Your Love Is Incarceration
  9. A Quick Death in Texas
  10. Spacegrass
  11. The House That Peterbilt
  12. We Love a Good Fire
  13. Firebirds!
  14. Vision Quest
  15.  Earth Rocker
  16. Electric Worry
  17. X-Ray Visions

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