Coheed and Cambria, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

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Coheed and Cambria rock sold out show in Chicago!

Claudio and the gang never cease to amaze their fan base as they play their entire 2005 album Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV.

In typical fashion, the setlist was the entire album played in order.  Frontman Claudio Sanchez took the stage and played ‘Always & Never’ on his acoustic guitar.  The photos I took during the song don’t do the emotion proper justice.  Claudio sang from the heart and it was felt in the crowd as they sing along and look on in awe.  The band joins him as Claudio transitions to a 12/6 double neck guitar as they swelter into ‘Welcome Home’.

The crowd explodes as the opening riff starts to hum from the speakers all around. The band jumps around the stage playing to different sections of the crowd. The room was electric as fans were body-surfing and getting pulled out by security. I saw and felt the energy in the room. Claudio runs from the stage to the side and down into the crowd to fully engulf the fans in the moment.

Coheed and Cambria continue on through their album.  They play track after track without pausing, never giving the crowd more than a few seconds to catch up before the next song starts.  About an hour after starting the set came to a close.  The stage goes black and shortly after Claudio reemerges with his acoustic guitar. He thanks the crowd telling him that one of his favorite shows he played was in our dear city of Chicago years ago, but this show might have surpassed and taken hold of the reins. He opened the encore with ‘Island’ off of The Color Before The Sun. They play through two more songs finishing the night strong with ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.’

I have seen a few other bands do these full album tours.  Coheed and Cambria really nailed this one as GAIBSIV is a solid album from beginning to end.  The energy, the passion, the emotion that swirled in the room throughout the night was electrifying. It is tough to take an album tour and make it work, but the fans really show out in appreciation. Make sure you get out to see them and share in this moment on the rest of their tour. You can see upcoming shows here. If you already missed them coming through your town you can listen to the setlist here.

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