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Extra extra read all about it!!! Tonight’s top story, Cupid may be dead, but Rock & Roll certainly ain’t!!!

The thing with this job is every now and then you get to review some actual legends on the music scene, this was that time and this is that review.

Extreme hit up Leeds on Saturday night as part of their EU/UK 2017 tour (I’m renaming it the “F**k off, we’re awesome tour”). They’re not peddling a new album or anything like that, that normally pulls a rock band away from its den of inequity, they’re just out rocking a classic repertoire of awesomeness. And f**k me, rock they did!

I went into this still hung over from the night before’s annual embarrass-a-thon that is the work Christmas do (it was carnage), and this was just the ticket.

The band hit the stage to It’s (a Monster) and straight away you knew this was going to be special night, whoever’s job it is to tell them they’re not 25 anymore took the night off. Gary was bouncing around like your mate when he first tries MDMA, but showing his arse a bit more (what’s all that about Gary?) and Nuno has not got any worse looking with age (man crush alert).

The set list probably couldn’t have been better, they have a lot of material to choose from and they chose well. Highlights include Whole Hearted (I’ve never seen a crowd get so behind a band, until More Than Words a little later), Suzi, He-man Woman Hater, Li’l Jack Horny, Decadence Dance, Warheads, Cupid’s Dead, Kid Ego, Play With Me, Hip Today, and of course More Than Words… What am I talking about highlights, the whole gig was a highlight, they nailed every track, it was sublime.

Hearing the entire crowd sing the whole of More Than Words was incredible and as bored as the band must get with playing their “hit”, that kind of love must strike a chord with them! It was nice to see the band just getting on with the music, during “Stop The World” it could have been all too easy to make some half arsed political statement about Trump being a c**t (true story), but they kept it classy (unlike this review) and just let us enjoy the music, just what we needed, a bit of escapism.

Closing the set with a cover of “We Are The Champions” was a nice touch, again, they nailed it, Freddie would have been proud!!

Overall, if you get the chance to go see them on this tour (or any other) just do it, you will not regret it. You could see that they love being back out performing and are grateful for the support they’re receiving over this side of the pond, they must have spent ten minutes after the encore at the barrier high five-ing and shaking hands with everyone, signing guitars and tits (I’m guessing, I couldn’t see) and just generally being top blokes.

I’ll leave you with my funniest part of the evening, walking pass the tour bus I overhear a short conversation between two drunken rock chick types that went something like this; “But I can’t leave now, he needs to see I exist and fall in love with with me, if he sees I exist he’ll fall in love with me”. I can only assume she was talking about Nuno, I feel you girl, rock and roll is not dead!

Anyway, go buy tickets, they’re on fire at the moment!

Peace and cheers…

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