Five Finger Death Punch, Copenhell 2017

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I think we came off on the wrong note here… Can we start over?

HELVÍTI STAGE, 23. JULY: Five Finger Death Punch seemed more lively then ever, borrowed leadsinger Tommy Vext (Divine Heresy, Snot) brought renewed energy and showmanship to the hard tried band. Vext hit the notes and fitted the role perfect.

I must admit i have never really gotten into Five Finger Death Punch’s music. The neverending overexposed and lyrically poor songs on the radio, that would just go on and on would just annoy the hell out of everyone. Sure i have heard the plastic like metal music at some point, but it never caught my ears and i never really cared… I for one would never have imagined i would go voluntarily and heard them live, but the chance was given here at Copenhell and i must admit i was skeptical at first but shit….you just can’t deny they delivered a fucking massive performance whether you like it or not, yes it was entertaining and some what staged show but i worked. Like the majority of the concerts seen on this years Copenhell the sound was awesome throughout and Five Finger Death Punch sounded massive and well-knit on the main Helviti stage on Copenhell. With a self-assurance the band delivered the song “Jekyll & Hyde” with the help from the screaming crowd.
The thrashy “Burn Motherfucker” was a crowd pleaser, Vext made everyone sing along and did a great job on vocals, not only can he sing, he can also growl and grunt.
An acoustic version of the collosal radio hit “Wrong side of heaven” sneaked into the setlist and really gave the song a whole new room for existence, Vext had great contact to the audience and the band seemed like the had a great time with the new leadsinger. Unfortunately Five Finger Death Punch finished the show off with an uninspiring song called “The Bleeding”. This song was not as hard hitting as the other songs played, but all in all it was great to see people were enjoying themself in front of the stage.
Im not a fan but i must give some credit to this band for an excellent performance and somehow it’s nice to go to a concert and be won over. If you are not a fan of Five Finger Death Punch i can recommend seeing them live before you write them off as garbage, because they certainly are talented musicians and they put on a great show.
Good going

1. Lift Me Up
2. Never Enough
3. Wash It All Away
4. Got Your Six
5. Bad Company
(Bad Company cover)
6. Jekyll & Hyde
7. Burn MF
8. Wrong Side of Heaven
9. Coming Down
10. Burn It Down
11. Hard to See
12. No One Gets Left Behind
13. Under and Over It
14. The Bleeding

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