Gary Numan, Colston Hall, Bristol

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Gary is currently touring to promote new album Savage and tonight is in Bristol.

Savage, released recently is a fine album and has already reached top ten sales, proving Gary Numan is as popular as ever, indeed many venues have already sold out.

Think Gary Numan and many people think of classics such as Cars and Are Friends Electric, but there is far more to consider, his electronic style these days, have a much harder industrial edge.

Savage, as an album may not be as heavy as some of his more recent albums, but is very much in the vein of his current style, and I’m sure there will be some future classics from this album. The album illustrates a post apocalyptic world, where the world has become desertified and western and eastern cultures become merged together.

Arriving in Bristol, I find Numan fans daubed with the white face markings that Numan and the rest of the band are wearing on this tour. When Gary and the rest of the band walk out on stage they are kitted out in similar clothes that were worn in promotional videos, not only re-creating the album musically but visually with the aid of a huge screen that displays desert imagery when needed.

As the dry ice spreads across the stage, the crowd can be heard chanting, a drum beat and keyboard signal the opening song Ghost Nation, first song from the album, that sets the bar incredibly high. Several songs from Savage make up the set including the incredible catchy My Name is Ruin where he is joined by his daughter Persia on vocals, this time however while she is not there physically, she appears on the video screen behind singing her part. I was pleased to see two old favourites played tonight Love Hurt Bleed and the powerful Prayer for the Unborn, among classics like Down in the Park and Cars, the latter especially show people dancing in the aisles, waving arms in unison and generally enjoying themselves.

Prayer for the Unborn closes the show, well apart from the encore, the crowd are enthusiastically chanting Nuuumannn, Nuuuumannn, stamping their feet and generally making as much noise as possible for the encore.

Keyboard player David Brooks leads the band back on stage to play M.E from the Pleasure Principle and a great version of Are Friends Electric, a song that appears to have, over the years become his own anthem, bringing the house down in true style resulting in a standing ovation as Numan and the rest of the band leave the stage.

All in, was a fantastic gig that included a fantastic light show, great sound in a 150 year old concert hall that’s reputed to be one of the best acoustically in the country. The tour continues around the country until October 18th before It heads over Europe and into America.

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