Little Dragon, Academy 2, Manchester

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The amazinf colours and upbeat vibes of Little Dragon dazzle the Manchester stage.

If your not families with The Swedish electronic 4 peice from Gothenburg, you may be interested to know, that the band have been around for the past 25 year….

With 5 studio albums to their name and a good number of top 40s their probably one of those bands you’ll know the music, but could probably not put a name to. Well, were you go. Little Dragon! Read on….

The band’s fourth studio album, Nabuma Rubberband, was released back in 2014 which was met with critical acclaim. It received a nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. The band’s fifth studio album, Season High, was released on 14 April 2017. It’s been an incredible few months for Little Dragon that has seen ‘Season High’ win widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, play a memorable performance on Coachella’s main stage and stop by Later… with Jools Holland for a knockout performance of album single ‘Sweet’.

However things didn’t get off to a great start this evening as a member of the front row passed out which caused the show to stop, ultimately sending the band off stage half way though the 2nd track. Wishing the guy well the band returned to the stage and started “Little Man” again.

For an Academy 2 gig I must say, Little Dragons set up and colours were very impressive! Quite possibly some of the most vibrant colours I’ve seen on a Manchester stage.

With Their electronic vibes keeping the crowd bouncing, the band rattled through a 16 track set list including fan favourites Ritual ‘Union’ ‘High’ and ‘Pretty Girls’ which actually reminds me, fans were looking spectacularly beautiful tonight!

There is still time to catch the band play on this tour as their last night is November 1st – ABC Glasgow – Its well worth a cheeky mid-weeker gig outing!

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