Modest Mouse, Coca Cola Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia

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The forever unpredictable Modest Mouse packed the house at the Coca Cola Roxy in Atlanta, Georgia this past Sunday and fans were torn on how they felt about the performance.

Anticipation and discomfort was building in the crowd as the sound of bees buzzing and humming blasted through the speakers. The sound may have had a different effect on the crowd than it was intended to have.

After what seemed like forever, the band walked out on stage and opened with “The World At Large”. It was a slow opening and it showed in the very diverse but docile crowd.

It wasn’t long before the crowd was brought to life and having a great time in the new Atlanta venue. Boasting 6 huge chandeliers, several full bars, an excellent staff, and a great view from any seat, the Coca Cola Roxy is an impressive concert venue.

As I walked around, the crowd already seemed mixed about the show. I am not sure what it was missing for some of their fans, but I was enjoying myself watching the musicians switching spots on the stage and waiting to see if I could guess the song they would play next.

Isaac did engage with the crowd occasionally between songs, but an admitted “mumbler”, most of us couldn’t understand him. Most people didn’t pay attention to this because the next song pacified their confusion and they didn’t linger over the lost words.

The band played 17 songs and gave it all they got before taking a break, complete with the frenzied bee buzzing sounds. Dramamine, Dashboard, and Never Ending Math Equation stuck with me the rest of the night. The crowd was happy and optimistic they would hear their beloved mainstream hits in the encore. But in the 4 encore, “Float on” and “Ocean Breaths Salty”  didn’t make the cut this show.

At the end of “A Different City”, Isaac mumbled something and left the stage. The crowd was chanting for other songs, restless, and unsure of what was happening. Many people were not sure if the concert was over or if they were supposed to stay around for another round of songs.

Eventually, it was apparent it was the show was over and some people were very upset. Others were leaving excitedly and seemed completely fulfilled.

If you are a Modest Mouse fan beyond their major mainstream hits, you would have loved the show. If the show being enjoyable hinged on hearing those mainstream hits, you would have been sorely disappointed as I soon learned from the crowd.

“They hate us”, cried the semi drunk lady who was apologizing to everyone that she couldn’t get the band to play their 2004 hit, “Float on” as if the band was supposed to take a cue from her on the crowds behalf.

A man with a red beard and ball cap abruptly walked past and told her she was the reason they didn’t play “Float on”. “You started the chant, you are charged with being obnoxious, Miss Mainstream. They picked a great set list for us. Go home, real fans loved it.”

So, what do you think? Is it refreshing to hear more of a variety of songs from a live show or would you only go if they were going to play their hits?

The World at Large
Missed the Boat
Black Cadillacs
Lampshades on Fire
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
King Rat
Pups to Dust
Perfect Disguise
Fire It Up
Cowboy Dan
Never Ending Math Equation
Doin the Cockroach
Sugar Boats
3rd Planet
Shit In Your Cut
The Good Times Are Killing Me
A Different City

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