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Fresh off of a busy weekend performing at Reading and Leeds Festival, punk rock trio Muncie Girls hit The Hope and Ruin in Brighton, waving off the bank holiday weekend with a bang.

Supports for the night came from local bands H_ngm_n and Crushing, completing the laid back and welcoming vibe of the evening.

Since forming in 2012, Muncie Girls have been doing their absolute most to push their music. After their debut album ‘From Caplan to Belsize’ was released in March 2016, it has been clear that the punk rockers have been destined for much bigger things.

This was most definitely honoured over the course of 2017, as the band were seen play SXSW in the USA, and tour with bands artists as Los Campesinos!, Taking Back Sunday, Frank Iero, and many more. But with festival season coming to a close, Brighton was the first of a five-show headline run.

Going to an intimate show that gives off the sense of friendliness and warmth is almost a change of scene from the likes of bigger venues, yet it is a scene that fits the Exeter band to a T right now. Regardless of the busy year that the Muncie Girls have pursued, the evening was full of contagious energy and laughter from both bands and audience.

Watching a band perform as tightly as Muncie Girls do is a pleasure for everyone involved, with vocalist and bassist Lande Hekt’s unique voice ringing out throughout the venue almost effortlessly.

Pushing through their set with little to no fault, it was clear that there was a mutual appreciation between both band and audience members. With Luke Ellis creating the sturdy backbone on drums, and guitarist Dean McMullen actively moving around the stage, the three-piece created a truly mesmerising performance.

Muncie Girls are a band you could take home to your mother (if she doesn’t mind the occasional swear word). Respectful to the bands before them – “we’ve had a really solid line-up of bands tonight, so thank you for having us” – and appreciating the audience on multiple occasions, it is clear that Muncie Girls are an embodiment of humbleness.

The evening was a joyous occasion, and Muncie Girls were something truly special. With a unique perspective on the world, this is a band for you to really sink your teeth into.

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