The One Hundred, Asylum, Birmingham

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A night filled with witty jokes, dynamic stage presence and amusing dance moves, The One Hundred bounce in to Birmingham to provide fans with a night to remember.

With support coming from post-hardcore band Light the Skies and the lads in MassMatiks, the evening was lined up to have hard-hitting energy from the start.

Local band Light the Skies graced the stage to a very small crowd, yet this did not waver them in terms of trying to impress. Managing to get what little audience they had bouncing to their tracks, Light the Skies put on an impressive performance regardless. With punchy riffs and a variety of tones, big things could be in store for Light the Skies.

Next up were MassMatiks, a band who put on such a high-spirited performance considering the lead singer was kitted out in a blue and orange jacket. The room had filled out a little bit more by this time, and the band took this to their full advantage. Hyping up the audience for The One Hundred, MassMatiks were a more than suitable fit as the tour support. A perfect combination of cheeky-ness and charm, the band had definitely gained a few new followers after this tight-knit set.

With the room now substantially filled out, it was time for The One Hundred to make their way on to the stage. Kicking straight in to their set with a new song, fans instantly knew that they were going to be treated to some new material that they hadn’t heard yet. Front man Jacob Field pulled out some funky dance moves whilst the rest of the band buzzed around the stage. The One Hundred are a unique taste to get in to, yet live they truly prove their worth to those who loyally follow them.

Not only was the live show a sight to behold, the connection between the band and the audience was personal and intimate. Field made the audience feel welcomed as though they were old friends, joking about moments on tour which was reciprocated with cheers and laughs. This really topped the evening off, as the band slowly grow it is crucial for fans to still have this relationship with people they look up to.

The One Hundred’s set list was short but powerful, a night of non-stop bouncing and moshing for all those involved. Field thanked the crowd for being energetic even through the new songs that had not even been released yet, but the fact that both fans and band were as passionate as the music as each other made up for it. Finishing the evening on a high with ‘Tale of Two Cities’ and ‘Kingsmen’, The One Hundred truly put on an amazing and intimate live performance.

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