Pitchfork Music Fest Day 2, Union Park, Chicago

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Join me!… as I reminisce on the second day of Pitchfork Music Festival

The Sun was in full swing, and it made it hot and sweaty for all in attendance on Saturday.

Day Two was probably the one I was looking forward to the most.  It was also the most crowded day with more people in attendance than either Friday or Sunday.  I have to assume it is mostly due to A Tribe Called Quest closing the night out.  I made my way through most of the shows as there wasn’t too many overlapping bands.  Follow below for a step by step retelling of the bands as I witnessed them.

Vagabon opened the day up for the festival.  They are a young, brilliant, vibrant trio hailing from NYC.  Laetitia Tamko leads the band with her booming voice and simple but integral guitar playing.  Their songs are full of emotion and pieced together perfectly. I will be checking them out next time they come to Chicago.  That is a certainty!

The next band I ran to see was Jeff Rosenstock’s solo project.  Rosenstock’s history is filled with ska-punk bands and the indie-rock scene.  His music is good, exactly what you would expect from a punk band with catchy lyrics and great hooks.  The band provides heavy doses of backup vocals adding into the full sound of the band.  Overall, definitely worth a listen and potentially more if it’s your style of music.  SETLIST

I quickly checked out Weyes Blood on my way over to my personal favorite from the weekend Cherry Glazerr.  While Weyes Blood was interesting and a very talented band I really only got to listen to a song of theirs.  Arriving at the smallest stage of the 3 Cherry Glazerr’s crowd was packed in.  To start it off, Sasami Ashworth came out and started to play on multiple keyboards.  It seemed as if she needed a third hand as she ended up using her tongue to press something on one of the keyboards multiple times.  Definitely something I haven’t seen before =D.  Once Clementine came out onto the stage things started to get heated.  She ran around the stage screaming into the mic, giving the best performance in my opinion of the festival.  They have a unique sound all of their own, and the crowd was digging it.  They will be going down as a band I will be in attendance for every time they come through Chicago.

I managed to catch a few songs from a few of the bands leading up to the headliner for the night.  Mitski was a treat.  She has such a great voice and the crowd swayed with her rhythmic bass playing.  I jumped over to Francis and the Lights and oh man!, that guy has more energy than most.  While singing and running around he ended up climbing a tree nearby the stage at singing the rest of a song from it.  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this as I was too far back at that point, but he put on an excellent performance.  From FatL I checked out Angel Olsen.  Her band sounds like indie rock inspired by a little bit of country.   The very airy background vocals meshed against the band’s bouncy melodies.

Finally i finished off my night with A Tribe Called Quest.  As we were waiting for the band to come out we noticed Ice – T and Xzibit standing off to the side of the stage to watch the show.  This was their first show without Phife Dawg as he passed away in March of this year due to complications pertaining to diabetes.  The band performed as if it was their last.  The hip hop legends ran across the stage left and right pulling in the crowds focus as they played hit after hit.  Finally closing their set off with an insane encore with ‘Can I Kick it’, ‘Award Tour’, and finally ‘We the people….’ SETLIST

Only until after I returned home could I sit and contemplate what I had seen on that Saturday.  The amount of talent and raw energy throughout the day was unfathomable.  

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