Punch Cabbie, Live Wire Lounge, Chicago

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Punch Cabbie brings the noise to LiveWire Lounge!

The lights dimmed as Punch Cabbie took the stage and the fans cheered in excitement.

Punch Cabbie played with fire tonight.  After much excitement from the three opening bands, Punch Cabbie started their set around 12:30am.

LiveWire Lounge is a small venue, but the room was filled with fans ready for the impending onslaught to their ears.  Overall the band sounded tight.

Jarrett Roberts is back on vocals for the group.  In my opinion he is a welcome addition.  His voice meshes really well with Punch Cabbie’s style.

His stage performance is also top notch.  Ryan Wagner lights up the deep end with his bass playing.  I have known Ryan for a long time and his skill/ability has always been fun to watch.  He steps up often to show off his Bass Face as you can see in the pictures above.  Ronnie and Frank hold it down on guitar.  They manage to melt your face and make it look easy.

Mike Sather is a beast on drums.  After recently injuring his hand the band is glad to have him back on his throne delivering hardcore beats song after song.

As I mentioned, Jarrett is back in the band and better than ever.  The band has had its share of woes with singers over the years.  Jarrett was their second and now fourth vocalist since the band got it’s start in 2007.  I don’t think I can give him enough praise.

I have seen PC a couple times before and by far Jarrett is my favorite vocalist of theirs.  He not only can sing and hit the large range of notes, but can muddy it up and belt out some guttural lyrics.

I had a chance to ask Frank a couple questions about the future of PC and how things are going now that they found a vocalist again:

Me: How has the creative process been since Jarrett joined?

Frank: Since Jarrett came back we have been flying through the writing process he is bringing all kinds of fresh ideas in. He is also a skilled guitarist and drummer so that brings yet another level of creativity.

Me: What can we expect from Punch Cabbie going forward?

Frank: We are writing and recording a new album and have a new single ready to be released so that is dropping soon.

Me: Any future shows you want to plug?

Frank: We will be playing The Revival Festival in Sept and will be doing runs all summer and fall.

So there you have it – Follow Punch Cabbie on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with upcoming shows.  Make sure to get out and support these local guys and rock out before and after the show with them.

As always you can see their set list below and also take a listen to it on Spotify via THIS link.

  • Vultures
  • Dark Art
  • Vitriol
  • Calming Atmosphere
  • World Unknown
  • Repress
  • So Low
  • Sentience
  • Hands Are Tied
  • Introspection
  • Electric Fire
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