Reverend and the Makers, Manchester Academy

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Rev and his makers closed their UK tour for their new album “Death of a king” with a triumphant show at the Manchester Academy on November 4th.

The 5 piece Sheffield indie royalty graced the stage with a pungent flare and raw excitement which was greeted with several pints being flung in the air (like they didn’t cost 5 quid a go) and an electrifying crowd, one that I have rarely seen. The Manchester also coincided with Rev’s first appearance at the Academy 10 years to the day (or just about) and the tour also marked 10 years since ‘The State of Things’.

The audience was a very mixed demographic which is always nice to see at gig. Parents enjoying a gig with their kids alongside a bunch of students who have had a bit too much lager. That’s the thing about rev, they are enjoyed by all demographics, and they’re music reaches out to so many people.

The support came from Nia Wyn, Will and the People and JB Barrington. I was very impressed with all support acts and especially enjoyed Nia Wyn, I thought she was very Paloma ‘faithesque’ and I was super impressed with her uniqueness!

JB Barrington distinguished the stage with his northern whit and working class allure which a lot of people could relate to, a sea of laughter and grins as his famous “things me mum says” poem reached out to every single northerner in the crowd. People turned to their mates in agreement: “my mum used to say that!” There were a few boos thrown out there but Barrington seemed to have coped well with the hecklers.

Rev and his makers opened with ‘Too tough to die’ a beautiful ode to Jon and Laura’s son after he contracted meningitis earlier this year. The crowd felt the pure passion and heart that was pumped into the song and just as Jon jumped about on stage, the crowd did too. They followed with a couple of the oldies …. Then as soon as the bassline for ‘heavyweight champion of the world’ started to play, the crowd exploded into dance and there was more bouncing than I’ve ever seen at an indoor gig, it was a truly captivating thing to see.

Joe Carnall treated us to ‘Juliet Knows’ as he gets ready to tour with their neighbour band Milburn next week, what a talented guy!

The band closed the set with ‘Silence is talking’ which left the crowd wanting more, and my god did they get more! Just as promised, in the lashing down rain, Jon busked on Oxford road surrounded by fans. This was by far my favourite part of the night. It really signified the comradeship and power of music that reverend and the makers are all about. They are a true northern working class band with a pure and raw passion for bringing people together through music and in that moment, this was certainly achieved.

I’m sure the punters who were there that night would agree with me here when I say it was a memorable evening, smashed it as always!

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