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“This one’s for you, it’s called Live for the Moment” said vocalist Kiaran Brook, as the band launched into the title track from their recent album.

The Bristol crowd already whipped into a frenzy were loving it, they were dancing and singing enthusiastically, it was a fun packed night with a band ‘on top of their’ game as one punter told me.

The band is currently on tour to promote new album Live for the Moment released on August 18th . Kiaran is clearly grateful about the success of the album as he says “thanks to you all buying and getting us into the top 10”.

Following a successful festival season The Sherlocks are currently on a 34 date European tour, tonight they stopped off in Bristol, at a venue new to me SWX, a night club in the centre of Bristol, that now shares live music with club nights.

Opening the show tonight are two local support bands from Bath; Farebrother and from Swindon; Misfires.  Both played enthusiastically and were well received, and were appreciative of The Sherlocks showcasing local bands.

The Sherlocks bring their own brand of Indie rock, and although some have compared them to the early Arctic Monkeys sound, I think its fair to say they have developed a sound and style of their own. That sound captures the audience attention, and tonight for a ‘school night’ while the venue is not at full capacity, its very close to full. The make up of the audience is very varied and shows their broad appeal. The majority of the tour I believe is sold out.

Opening the set is Last Night, [can you remember you were everybody’s friend] a high energy song, straight in they grab attention and hold that for the whole gig. The stage drenched in red and blue lights allowed for use of stage spotlights setting up an amazing light show, while not easy from a photographic perspective it has afforded the audience a spectacular light show.

During one song, Candles the audience were asked to turn on lights on mobile phones and wave them in the air during the song in a similar manner to ‘Coldplay gigs’. I think however the last two songs Live for the Moment and Chasing Shadows really hit the spot with the crowd. Audience participation was visibly evident with people  singing along with the lyrics and some fervent dancing, as a whole bringing the house down in style.

All to soon the gig was over, walking back to the car park I could hear several versions of crowd favourite Chasing Shadows, the song itself has strong anthemic qualities and I can understand why it was saved for last.

This band sent the audience home wanting more. To be fair this is how a great gig should end in my mind anyway.

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