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Alive and Kicking!

Less than 24 hours after the horrific terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena, Simple Minds took the stage at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall for the latest date on their acoustic tour.

A lot of people entering the hall had come straight from the hurriedly arranged vigil in nearby Albert Square, so there was naturally a subdued atmosphere as people took their seats. The concert was advertised as sold out but there were empty seats as clearly the previous nights events had influenced some people.

Jim Kerr addressed this as he appeared on stage with band behind him and explained why they had decided to go ahead with the performance in a moving tribute to all those caught up in the attack.

So to the gig, advertised as an acoustic tour you might have expected the band to be perched on stools at the front of the stage, but other the fact there were no electric guitars, this was a full on rock and roll performance with Jim Kerr first off stage in the crowd, and then pacing the stage like the experienced frontman he is belting out the many hits Simple Minds have had over the years.

Back in the eighties Simple Minds were a massive arena playing band up there with the likes of U2 and Dire Straits and thanks to the film The Breakfast Club soundtrack they were also a big name in America.

Despite the acoustic tag songs like Glittering Prizes, New Gold Dream and of course Don’t You Forget About Me still sounded amazing with original member Charlie Burchill thrashing his acoustic guitar like it was a Telecaster.

The rest of the band got their chance too, with guitarist Gordy Gourdie getting to sing Bowie’s Warhol and backing vocalist Sarah Brown covering The Call’s Let The Day Begin. The crowd loved it standing and dancing for most of the performance, the tragedy of the past 24 hours briefly forgotten, music again proving to be a good healer.

The final song Alive and Kicking , could have been written for tonight as both the band and the people of Manchester showed that they will not be beaten by terrorist attrocities.

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That my first ever gig was The Who at Belle Vue which shows how long I've been going to gigs. However despite always being interested in photography it's only in the last few years I've been fortunate enough to shoot gigs.

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