Strand of Oaks, Thalia Hall, Chicago

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Strand of Oaks captivated their nearly sold out audience Saturday night at Thalia Hall.

Nothing could stop the crowd from being entranced from the moment Twin Limb took the stage until Strand of Oaks closed out the night.

Twin Limb set the stage beautifully for Strand of Oaks tonight.  Lacey Guthrie has a magical voice that is even more enjoyable when accompanied by Ratterman and Bender.

Kevin Ratterman’s guitar playing brings you on a spacey smooth rollercoaster of sounds while Maryliz Bender controls the rhythm of the songs with her  seemingly simplistic yet involved drumming.  Twin Limb  easily mastered their set leaving most in the audience in awe and running for the merchant booth to eagerly discover more of this ethereal sound.

Strand of Oaks took stage supporting their latest release, Hard Love, and opened with the last song on the album – “Taking Acid and Talking to My Brother.” The band powered their way through eight tracks of their latest two releases. They were accompanied on stage by Twin Limb and closed the set with “Everything.” Timothy Showalter, vocals and rhythm guitar, showcased his talent for the crowd.

Watching him sing you can see the emotion and love he has for his craft. The rest of the band filled the soundscape with perfection.  Hard hitting guitar solos were met with uncontainable smashing of the drums and tied together by bass lines that built into the melody.

Showalter shared a special moment with the crowd before their one song encore.  He invited his mother on stage and introduced her as a “much better singer than I.”  She sang “So Far Away”, a Carol King cover.

The crowd cheered and erupted with excitement as a mother and son showcased their musical talents.  Following her performance the band joined back on stage and performed their 2014 hit single “Goshen ’97” to close out the night.

Overall the entire show was a great experience.  Hard Love was released on February 17th 2017.  The latest album shares Showalter’s emotions through song.

Many, if not all, of the songs relate to moments in Showalter’s life. I like to think that he finds solace in sharing these personal stories…that the personal moments in the music stand out and give a moment of truth.  Strand of Oaks still has a lengthy tour ahead of them.  If you are lucky enough to have them come through your city, do yourself a favour and check them out!

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