Trash Boat Tear Up Birmingham Institute

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If you’re looking for a few words to sum up Trash Boat’s live shows, they would probably be along the lines of sweaty, chaotic, but simply fun.

Trash Boat rounded off their UK headline tour at the o2 Institute3 in Birmingham.

With supports from Homebound and Broadside, the evening was an absolute treat to those who were witnessing it first-hand.

A night tied together by both support bands giving 110% energy, there was no fault to how the evening was already panning out. People were already exhausted by the time Broadside had finished, but this didn’t dampen the excitement for Trash Boat. Packed in to a tiny venue, fans were expecting a fast-pace show, and Trash Boat most certainly did not disappoint.

Whizzing by in an animated blur, Trash Boat’s set was everything a pop-punk show should be: boisterous, engaging, and sticky. Very sticky. It was clear as day that Trash Boat’s following was as loyal as it was fierce. You fell down, you got picked right back up again. Strangers helping strangers, as it should be. Crowd interaction was also second to none, as people were encouraged to crowd-surf (much to the security’s dismay), circle pit, and lose their minds to the tracks being played.

Slowing things down for a brief moment during the set, the audience were hit with ‘The Guise of a Mother’. A moment in which fans and band rejoiced together, as people were on top of shoulders screaming the words back. It was this moment that Trash Boat proved that no matter the size of the room they play; the emotion bounces off of every wall. However, it didn’t take long for the carnage to start again, as almost as soon as that was over we were instantly thrown back in to the high-energy with ‘How Selfish I Seem’.

Considering it was the last night of a long tour, the energy throughout the evening never wavered. Frontman Tobi Duncan announced that now the tour was over, the band would be focusing on writing and producing new music, much to fans delight. As the night drew to an end, the crowd were chanting for the encore before the band had even left the stage. Entering the stage once again, the band wrapped up the set with a bang, ending with ‘Brave Face’ and ‘Strangers’.

When a band creates a special connection with their audience, you know they’re on to something big. Watching Trash Boat continuously smile and throughout their set was contagious and the energy they produced much more so. Here’s hoping to new music from them soon.

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