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Back to Sound Knowledge again tonight, after Black Grape last, tonight is the turn of William The Conqueor.

William The Conqueror, are a three piece band from Cornwall that are described as ‘Americana with a touch of grunginess’

The personal appearance tonight is to promote their new album Proud Disturber of the Peace released today. The album is a follow up to their EP released last year.

The album has been touted by many, as one of the most important releases of 2017. It’s time to find out for myself.

William The Conqueor is a side project from singer/ songwriter Ruarri Joseph, who himself has a past rooted in Folk Music, For this, he is now making the music he wants to, rather than what he felt was expected of him. In William The Conquerour he is joined by multi instrumentalists Harry Harding on drums and Naomi Holmes on bass.

The band played a short set to an enthusiastic crowd assembled at Club Thirty 8, Many of the crowd had seen the band before and were aware of his material, for me it was new music, and went down incredibly well. For tonight’s assembled audience the band went down so well that they were asked to play an encore, and they played title track Proud Disturber of Peace. Although to my mind it was Tend to the Thorns their recent single release, that went down the best, couldn’t help but think of a Foo Fighters sound underpinning to this.

As they left the stage they went over to Sound Knowledge to meet, to chat with, and for people to have their albums and CD’s signed by the band.

When the guys were free I caught up with Ruarri for a short chat, it seems Ruarri sights Bob Dylan as having a huge imfluence on him musically. He was brought up on Dylan constantly being played by his father, and while he hated it at the time, it took him until the age of 17 before the music made sense to him.

The last album he bought was probably Dylan, he laughed, as Bob Dylan brings out new albums on a regular basis. I posed the question would you like to be stranded on an Island with Dylan?, the answer I got, was a resounding no.

Records are also very important to Ruarri, as he went on to explain how he enjoyed preparing to listen to music in a special way, uninterrupted unlike an MP3 on a phone that could be turned off and back on so easily. We talked about the resurgence of vinyl and he confirmed what I’d suspected, that offering his music on vinyl is very important to him.

We discussed about who he’d like to share a stage with if he had a chance, his response was simply Harry and Naomi, it’s obviously clear the band is very important to him personally. Interestingly at this point he commented about sharing a stage with some one, and that it was important that they both had mutual respect for each others music.

I got the impression Ruarri is a deep thinker, not concerned with material item’s or possessions, but more having an open mind and enjoying exploring new places. The Isle of Skye was cited as an example of a place he’s visited recently with no pre-conceptions and he loved it. This was backed this up by the the idea of new venues were more appealing than thought of wanting to play a particular venue.

There was so much more we could have discussed and I found Ruarri to be a warm, caring and thoughtful guy who clearly enjoys his music, especially his latest project – William The Conqueor.

They are a band I’d love to see again, and he reminded me they are touring this autumn with Danny and The Champions of the world, why not catch them on the following dates in September:

12 – LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
13 – NOTTINGHAM The Maze
15 – MANCHESTER Soup Kitchen
16 – GATESHEAD Caedmon Hall
18 – BRISTOL Lantern
19 – CAMBRIDGE Junction 2
20 – LONDON Scala
21 – CARDIFF Globe
22 – OXFORD Bullingdon

Enjoyed live music for ages, from intimate gigs to the bigger stadiums. More recently adding photographing those gigs. I guess If i had to sum it up I just love keeping music live.

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