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Gary Numan is back in the UK for the March 2018 Savage Tour.

This is the second leg of the hugely successful tour that has already taken in the UK, Europe and America

The album Savage has been massively well received all over the world, and indeed has re-entered the album charts at number four on his 60th birthday last week.

For me, I find it is a great merge of his earlier Tubeway Army work and his more recent industrial style, its been done in such a way its drawing back fans of his TA work alongside his more recent work.

His recent TV appearance has also helped, a good friend of mine was recently blown away by My Name is Ruin, and went out and bought Savage to listen to the rest of the album, such is the power of The Old Grey Whistle Test.

For those unaware briefly the album illustrates a post apocalyptic world, where the world has become desertified and western and eastern cultures become merged together.

Support tonight came from Nightmare Air, a great band from California, they play a great set that’s well received and have the audience all ready for the main act.

Ghost Nation is a great opening track so powerful, with its pounding drums and impressively choreographed light show immediately grabs the attention. The crowd were ready and Gary gave it all with his moves, ably assisted by bass player Tim Muddiman and Guitarist Steve Harris.

There are a few amendments to the set list for part one of the tour, while the emphasis is on Savage there are plenty on offer from some of the other albums.

Unlike the first part of the tour the anthemic Are Friends Electric closes the set, rather than the encore in part one of the tour. AFE, and Cars always see plenty of action form the audience but it’s far too simplistic to say only these tracks.

Fans, or Numanoids as some are known have followed his career and are enjoying other great tracks such as Love Hurt Bleeds from Splinter. Haunted from Jagged to name a few, besides his new material.

As the set ends Gary is last to leave the stage thanking fans, he’s reached out to those in the front row physically as well as his through such a fantastic set.

Before long the band are back up on stage and finish with Metal and This Wreckage, a couple of older tracks. The great thing with any Numan gig is the sets are varied and for someone who has had such a long career its very entertaining. The tour continues throughout March this time taking in smaller venues than part one of the tour.

Always loved music live, enjoy all genre's. Adding photography into the mix has been more recent and enjoying combing the two together. Self confessed vinyl junkie, so if not down the front, often found searching through record shops.

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