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LIVE REVIEW: DMA’s at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

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DMA’s treat Manchester to something special.

A spectacular night of music, with an even more spectacular atmosphere.

DMA’s have come a long way in their not so long career, and the people of Manchester really know it. In 2015, they played the tiny Night and Day Cafe, and last night they played a 3,500 capacity warehouse. If that doesn’t show how much this band have grown in the past 3/4 years, then I don’t know what does.

After two incredible support acts, the nod was given to the photographers, and we lined up in front of the stage, as DMA’s walked on stage to thousands of Manc’s chanting their name, then they burst into ‘Play It Out’. The first song of their 17 song set-list, which was a great mix of tracks from their new album, ‘For Now’, and the incredible debut album, ‘Hills End’.

Every lyric, of every song was screamed back at the band, and it made for an incredible atmosphere, but things really stepped up a notch when ‘Step Up The Morphine’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Lay Down’ were performed. Fans were on the shoulders of people who were already on someone else’s shoulders, flares were going off, and phones and lighters were held aloft whenever the set slowed down for one of DMA’s many acoustic songs.

It’s safe to say that DMA’s will always have a place in Manchester, because they are bringing back that incredible, distinct 90’s sound that Manchester created, so it’s no wonder that last night’s show was packed full of screaming teens who are glad to have such a brilliant band to watch live, who are relevant and current, but it was also scattered with middle-aged men and women who just wanted to relive their youth, and remember when they were teenagers watching bands like Oasis and Stone Roses do exactly what DMA’s did last night. Deliver music to thousands of people, and deliver it brilliantly.


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