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You Me At Six take to Keele University’s Ballroom Stage for their first show of 2018.

Fresh from dropping two new tracks from their new album, ‘VI’, You Me At Six smash a very sweaty Download warm-up show.

I’ve been with You Me At Six from their ‘Take Off Your Colours’ era, right through to the present day, so when I heard about a 1,100 cap show, I was there. Despite having visited Keele University multiple times, and knowing where the Ballroom was (and having been on various nights out there), I couldn’t quite believe I was driving down to a You Me At Six show in this green campus. That was until I saw the gathering of black-haired, pierced, merch-ladened emos outside the main Student’s Union building; yes, I’m in the right place.

My impression of the venue itself (you know, with sober vision); lots of mould, which you’ll be able to spot in some of the images. However, it was a decent, wide venue with a good-size photography pit, good lighting and nice security. Top marks so far.

Hailing from Bath, the show was opened by the guys from Decade. I was looking forward to this band after catching their song Turn Off Your TV, from their album ‘Pleasantries’, on Kerrang! TV last year. Subsequently, it was, and still is, saved to my Spotify. The dynamic quintet opened the show perfectly, despite the sweltering conditions.

Then came You Me At Six. It doesn’t matter how big the venue is, you know when these guys are entering the stage; They. Know. What. They’re. Doing. They started with a favourite of mine, Room to Breathe. With the advantage of having a view from the pit, I almost forgot I was there to do a job, to the point of having incorrect camera settings and not realising until the end of song one (note to self, it’s very rare your camera will just stop focusing; check you’re in AF instead of panicking).

The five-piece ripped through their 16-song set-list, which included their new track Fast Forward, and the classic Save It For The Bedroom. At this point, Josh touched upon something mentioned at their previous shows, and made a point of stressing ‘there are dates in the diary’ for a Take Off Your Colours anniversary tour. Can’t fucking wait.

The main body of the set was closed with another favourite of mine, Spell It Out.

The guys came back for their three-song encore, starting with a touching performance of No-One Does It Better. This was followed by crowd-favourite, Underdog, and of course finished with the belting Bite My Tongue.

As said above, I’ve been with You Me At Six since album one. I’m not sure exactly how many times I’ve seen them, but I calculate it to be around 8; this show was, hands down, my favourite show of theirs yet, and I’m so excited for the ‘VI’ era.

You Me At Six are back on tour around the UK in November.

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