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The 90’s: A Decade Of Musical & Political Change From The Polo-Neck Down

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Out of any decade there has ever been, the 1990’s is by far my all-time favourite. Not only because I’m a 90’s kid, but also because the 1990’s was a real decade of change. There was a colossal political change from a conservative reign to Labours’ first majority in over 15 years; the collapse of the Soviet Bloc marked a peaceful end to the long running cold war; and Mandela…

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Festival Season 2017 Highlights: Music and More!

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The best festival fashion trends from three of the UK’s best festivals Well… here it is, my first EVER post! I didn’t really know where to start with this so I thought seen as the festival season is coming to a close (sobs into a bucket of ice cream), that I would jump straight in with my favourite highlights from the 2017 festival season, both fashion and music. Download: We…

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Get Onboard!! & WIN 1 Kilo of ‘Off the Scale Vintage Clothing’

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Love clothes?! Loves music?! Then this is the place for you! Flick of the Finger’s fashion editor, Heather will be bringing you all the latest on styling and fashion in the music scene & festivals! To launch this brand new feature, were giving away 1 Kilogram of vintage clothes curtsy Off The Scale Vinatge – a corporation that works closely with the big issue and mental Heath charities all around the…

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