Festival Season 2017 Highlights: Music and More!

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The best festival fashion trends from three of the UK’s best festivals

Well… here it is, my first EVER post! I didn’t really know where to start with this so I thought seen as the festival season is coming to a close (sobs into a bucket of ice cream), that I would jump straight in with my favourite highlights from the 2017 festival season, both fashion and music.

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Download: We first saw the entrance of the groovy shirt trend for the season at download festival. The weekend was jam packed full of the biggest names in rock such as Biffy Clyro (swoon), Slayer and Sleeping with Sirens. Steve Tyler from Aerosmith kicked off the shirt trend with a bright pink shirt coupled with a lace black kimono and leather pants, nice one!

There were also copious amounts of bright band tees paired with relaxed denim, an easy but understated look, and one of my all the time favourites. Great to see some splashes of colour rather than mundane monochrome. Festivals are all about expression so download revelers certainly pulled through this year.

Parklife: I’m normally quite the Parklife sceptic, (although I did nearly cry when the Maccabees played there some years ago) partly because my vision of a festival is mud, rain and camping. Obviously with parklife being based in sunny Manchester (lol) we got the rain and mud, but not the camping. I just don’t think it’s the same coming home to a hot shower and electricity, but that’s just me. However as far as festival experiences go, Parklife certainly did the trick.

With the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Stormzy and the 1975, it collected a far reaching audience, and boy did the punters come dressed for the occasion! A mass sea of glitter, sequins and brightly coloured shirts (some would say were robbed from Noel Fielding’s Bake off dressing room) took over Heaton Park that weekend and it could be eluded that Parklife was certainly an escape from the ordinary.

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Kendal Calling: These festival trends have been transferred throughout the summer and were also seen at Kendal Calling. Based in the beautiful but very rainy Lake District, After 13 years Kendal Calling is arguably one of the best smaller festivals in the country. This was my first year and it did not disappoint! I loved the ‘in the wild’ fancy dress theme which was one all the family could enjoy. Similar to Parklife, there were heaps of glitter and sequins, not that I’m complaining!

I feel as though glitter is making a rather copious entrance into the world of music as a must have in the festival kit. It really does jazz up any kind of outfit! Even some of the stars of the festival scene were keen to get involved in the latest trend. Time Burgess was seen getting glittered up by the team at Tim Peaks Diner, Love the look Tim!

So there you have it! Glitter, vibrant colour and flamboyant shirts really did take festival season to new pinnacles this year, I’m more than excited to see what next year has in store!

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