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Debut EP from Northern Four-piece Palace Motion

Indie four piece Palace Motion have kicked off their career in great style with their self titled, debut EP ‘Palace Motion’. After a couple of years building a fan base in Clitheroe and Manchester, they decided it was time they got an EP under their belts, and they have done so in great style.

Kicking thing off on their EP with ‘Dog House’, a scratchy guitar homage to The Cure’s ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’, Palace Motion have chose a great song to open their open their debut EP with. It’s the perfect song for their debut, and an even better song live. One that really gets the crowd going. The song tells the tale of a bloke in trouble with his missus, from ignoring phone calls to always missing the point. A good topic for a song, which I think most people can relate to.

Next up on the EP; ‘House Party’, a topic i’m sure is familiar with the younger generations. The song takes a punt at the pop music scene in the first verse with the line ‘ she’s been listening to ground breaking girl bands, with identical fans’.

Lead singer Isaac Thornburn the goes on to sing about the things that happen at every house party, from a fridge with no beer left, to trying to go home with the only reason you went to the party in the first place.

Not only can the younger generations relate to this energetic indie anthem, but it’s also one for the parents of the kids holding these parties. ‘The lamp shades are broken, and the furniture is ruined’ being what I feel would be the point that hit home the most, and ‘drinking your parents red wine’ a close second.

Third on Palace Motion’s shot at fame is ’65’, a song known by all the fans, and one that gets everyone singing at the gigs. A similar intro to ‘Dog House’, with the scratchy guitar returning, and staying throughout the song, accompanied by a heavy cymbal-based drum beat, this song is sure to be one of their big hits, their very own Arctic Monkeys’ ‘ I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’.

I’m confident that if this band get to where they want to be, then this song will be one of the top songs, if not the song, that gets them noticed. From the energetic rhythm guitar, to the the clever lead, Palace Motion really nailed it with this one. A well structured track, and a really catchy chorus that could really get the crowds going.

Closing the EP is ‘Different Atmosphere’. The heavy, slightly alt-rock opening sways the audience, thinking this song could be something a bit out of their comfort zone, but then they really show of their indie roots well as the song goes into the verse.

A guitar reminiscent of ‘Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured’ by Arctic Monkeys separates each line of the verses, however the song takes a different approach in the chorus. Picking up that early Arctic Monkeys influence again in the chorus leaves a perfect opportunity for crowd interaction, as does the middle 8.

A really good song, and a great song for their upcoming live performances.

Remember the name, I have a feeling this won’t be the last you will hear of this band.

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