New Columbia Release Their Impressive EP ‘I Don’t Know’

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Rock band New Columbia hail from Prestatyn in North Wales and are on the verge of releasing their second EP, which lands on 15th September.

Citing the likes of Oasis, The Verve and Stereophonics as influences on their sound, it’s perhaps The Rolling Stones who come closest to a musical comparison with the Welsh four-piece.

Occasionally you’ll hear a young up-and-coming band such as New Columbia and suddenly all your beliefs that there are people out there wanting to play some good old gritty rock ‘n’ roll come flooding back like a euphoric tsunami. Opening track ‘Under My Skin’ is a raw, dirty rocker with an infectious taste laced throughout.

This is as close to sounding like Oasis as you can probably get without claiming to be a blatant cover band. An impressive song that gets your full and unabated attention.

‘She’s A Queen’ is a wonderful vehicle for frontman Nathan Graham’s powerful and warming vocals to soar over the catchy bass driven music.

Possessing a dark melancholic vibe, it has all four members clicking together perfectly, making this the champion of the three offerings.

‘I Don’t Know’ is the longest track, clocking in at just under five minutes. Unfortunately, it lacks the edge that the two preceding tracks have, yet boasts a large, uplifting chorus with some slick guitar work and the voice of Graham once again delivering the intensely crisp and angular goods.

In summary, with so much manufactured, by-the-numbers, bland dirge suffocating the world music these days, I know a good sound when I hear it, and New Columbia fit perfectly into that tiny clique. With a little luck and persistence they could, and more rightfully should, progress to greater things.

I was originally going to give the EP a 4 star rating, yet after multiple listens, to quote the lyrics in ‘Under My Skin’: “The music takes me in”. Full marks, lads. Kudos.

We rate:
5.0 rating