Partisan Release New Single For Homeless Charity, Crisis

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Manchester band Partisan are releasing a single for the charity ‘Crisis’, with the title of the track also called Crisis.

Homelessness is an increasing problem across the UK and the world and something that is close to their hearts, with the band recording the track using their producer and own finances.

Some songs that are released by artists in support of good causes, especially around the Christmas period, often results in plenty of eye-rolling and are seen as little more than an attempt to boost their profiles. ‘Crisis’ feels like a genuine and heartfelt plea to help out those unfortunate enough to be living on the streets.

The opening line of ‘It’s cold out tonight, my hands are freezing’ paints the picture of a stark, grim reality perfectly, and the delivery of the vocals from Stuart Armstrong make you grasp the message within the words. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song with real heart and soul.

All the proceeds will go to the charity, with the idea for them to do this being born from the Musicians Against Homelessness initiative. Take a moment to digest the song fully and then help spread the word.

You can listen and buy the songe here

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