REAVIEW: Liam Gallagher Releases New Single ‘Greedy Soul’

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Gallagher has been performing ‘Greedy Soul’ over this summer at various festivals, delivering it as a spiky, raucous, epic assault on the system.

The studio version sadly lacks that killer bite, but still oozes with attitude as it pounds along like a relentless rock monster.

Live Version

One could be forgiven for thinking that the song is a stab at old brother, Noel, with Liam singing, ‘You’re getting old, you greedy soul, you’ve been telling lies, you’re a slippery kind.’ Considering how often Liam likes to publicly take shots at his brother, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that the song is aimed at him.

Despite its massive sound, the soulful female backing vocals and blaring horn sections, there’s a distinct underlying darkness to the lyrics and overall tone of the song.

It may not contain the grit, nor swagger that previous single ‘Wall Of Glass’ does, but it’s a firm indication that the forthcoming album will be something quite special. The track ultimately reminds us that the music world needs Liam Gallagher, and as the man himself might say, this is biblical.

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