Shed Seven Return With ‘Room In My House’

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Not having released an album since 2001’s Truth Be Told, you may be wondering how the sound of new music from Shed Seven holds up against their older works. Amazingly, it fits in alongside it seamlessly, sounding like a huge slice of upbeat ’90s anthemic guitar-pop with a sense of redemption to it.

Hearing Rick Witter’s distinctive voice singing new material is undoubtedly a big deal and far more significant than the wider music press is likely to report on, yet the ever-increasing and loyal fan base of the band will be over the moon. ‘Room In My Head’ contains an exciting and rock-driven middle that demonstrates the overall high quality musicianship of the band, although it’s ultimately lead guitarist Paul Banks and bass player Tom Gladwin who truly step up here.

Clocking in at just over 5 minutes, the song boats enough freshness, swagger and energy to become an instant hit with fans, who will be rejoicing in the knowledge that the music world just got that little bit brighter. Shed Seven have set the bar extremely high for their forthcoming fifth album.

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