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Von Hertzen Brothers new album released this week.

Finnish band, The Von Hertzen Brothers have already released three albums and during that time have amassed a good following, for album four they have signed to Music Theories Recordings and the Mascot group to release War Is Over.  The album is available from Friday November 3rd.

War Is Over follows their previous album New Day Rising. Brothers Mikko, Kie and Jonne von Hertzen took time to write seperately. “Our family has a summer cottage outside Helsinki”, explains Kie. “All three of us would take turns to withdraw and head up there to write music. It’s a beautiful place in the inner Archipelago of the Eastern Sea. It’s where we used to spend our childhood summer’s, so all of us have a deep and personal connection to the place. The main part of composing happens there in total peace and quiet.”

All three brothers produced their own songs, Mikko produced To The End of the World, The Arsonist, Frozen Butterflies andBeyond Horizon. Jonne produced Blindsight while Kie produced War Is Over, Who Are You?, Long Lost Sailor, Wanderlust and Jerusalem

While the band emphasise War Is Over isn’t a concept album as such it does however have the War theme running through some of the tracks. Kie points out “There is this underlying texture throughout the album, which I see as a huge question mark: ‘what are we as humans doing to preserve a loving and kind world? Why are we fighting everyday and blaming others for our problems?’” Mikko remarks before adding there is “anxiety and the constant struggle, so, come and join this movement, let’s not succumb to fear.”

“In order to get rid of War or Wars, whatever that might mean to us” Kie begins. “The starting point is to first visualize and contemplate the state of peace. Even if it just starts slowly we must take those steps for it to happen.

For this album I don’t want to give everything away but more of a taste of how I found the album:

On first listening to the album, the first track that stood out for me was Jerusalem, The pounding drums and Keyboard layed the foundation for what I found it to be an incredibly powerful track on this they were joined by keyboard player Junne Burton Puuriten from another great Finnish band HiM. A new beginning seems to be the underlying theme that Kie sings. For sure this really hit me and made me want to discover the rest of the album.

The bleak guitar intro of War is Over caught me, as it builds I wasn’t sure what to expect. The whole of the band exploding in, it hits me that this the title track of the album sets up and the questions the concept of war, and appeared to be emphasizing the idea of war and freedom. In places I found the lyrics arrangement a little ‘muse’, that said I appreciate there will always be influences. It’s a great opening track,

Frozen Butterflies starts intensely and slows to create a catchy tune. I keep hearing the lyrics The point of no return is when we die, is this trying to tell me something I wonder?

Who Are You starts with some interesting and haunting vocals as the title suggests it looking into the inner mind, Its intensity turns the music to take on a heavier and powerful stance.

Beyond the Storm, a clear horizon to keep my eyes on features some beautiful guitar work. The song works as a closing track well with very mesmerizing lyrics that really get inside you. Have they managed to find that inner peace and are reminding people to keep ‘their eye on the ball’ as the war is over seems to get a reprise.

The band seem to be categorized as a progressive rock, but I think the emphasis should be on the rock side, its powerful rock to my mind and I’m reminded of another Finnish band HiM, it makes me question is there a particular style that both follow, I’m not sure on that one to be honest, but you can catch them on the following dates and make your own mind.

Upcoming Tour

November 5     Rescue Rooms               Nottingham

November 6     Rebellion Rock Bar      Manchester

November 7     LEADMILL                    Sheffield

November 9     Think Tank                   Newcastle Upon Tyne

November 10    G2                                   Glasgow

November 11    Camp HRH                   North Wales

November 12    The Fleece                    Bristol

November 14    Waterfront Studio      Norwich

November 15    Talking Heads             Southampton

November 16    The Garage                  London

November 17    Camp HRH                  North Wales

November 18    Slade Rooms               Wolverhampton

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