Moses Release ‘Cause You Got Me’ Single

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Cause You Got Me, the latest single from London-based four-piece Moses, is a terrific little number and sure to get one hell of a reaction.

The track is a shining example of the group’s flair for a catchy hook and infectious melody.

Interestingly, Cause You Got Me has managed to find a home on the ‘Tomb Raider’ soundtrack, and although the quality of the movie is somewhat questionable, the song itself manages to do what the film fails at, lifting you up and whisking you to some faraway, carefree and feel-good world for four minutes. There’s something very organic about the way it rolls along; quite the opposite of the bloated CGI-fest movie.

Produced by Gil Norton, who has worked with the likes of Foot Fighters and Feeder, manages to give the track a polished sheen, aiding in the anthemic and euphoric ambience the music possesses. Managing to cram an abundance of energy into the song, one can hope they are able to capture the attention of the wider public and help wash away the mundane manufactured drivel that dominates mainstream media outlets. Bravo.

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