Narcissus Have Found Their Home With ‘Sense of Place’

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The phrase long-awaited album is used pretty often but it’s spot on with the new release by narcissus – ‘a sense of place’. And it’s well worth the wait.

With an output that has been described as both epic and anthemic, Manchester based band narcissus were tipped for big things in the mid-noughties, having signed a publishing deal on the back of some genre-bending demos and following a series of amazing gigs including a ‘D-percussion festival/band on the wall’ double header.

The quartets’ reputation was further enhanced with the release of debut single ‘The Window’ through Manchester indie label Northern Ambition. The collapse of narcissus’ publishing deal during the recording of their debut album led to a parting of ways, the finished album was shelved and the band members re-emerged in other bands such as The Synthetics and Signals.

Fast forward ten years and fate has lent a hand in reuniting narcissus. With this in mind, a decade after it was recorded, ‘a sense of place’ is finally slated for release later this year. These tracks may have originally been composed a decade ago, but they stand the test of time and are prescient to the mood and issues of today.

They set out their musical wares clearly with the opener ‘days are numbered’ and their urban, night-time and borderline sinister tone holds throughout the album though it peaks and troughs between mellow and moody in delivery. Narcissus definitely have a unique sound with hinted echoes of early Verve, electronica mixed with some fine guitar, a little late Bowie-esque in parts, with splashes of Cocteau style production and a bit of Duran Duran thrown in for good measure. It’s a heady mix and a mighty fine one at that. Look out for a new gig announcement soon!

Photo credit: Paul Husband

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