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Back in September when reviewing Blue Nation’s previous single, the stomping rock anthem ‘Good Times’, I said that one could only hope that it was just beginning of good times for the band. So, how does this follow-up fare?

‘Rich Girl’ is another slice of anthemic rock of astronomical proportions from the Birmingham trio, with a dark grittiness running through the track’s DNA. The beefy track is bursting at the seams with a tightly compressed energy and is more than capable of blowing the roof off any venue, but the real heart and soul of the song is Neil Murdoch’s voice, which is powerfully crisp and angular.

Speaking about the track, the frontman said, ‘Travelling on a train back from London a girl sat next to me (Neil) and began to sob her heart out. She had just left her fella as she had caught him cheating. During the journey, said cheater rang the heart broken girl and begged her to come back to him, promising to never do it again.

It became obvious that the relationship was based on lies and convenience. Said girl then started to negotiate with the cheater about what he would give her to come back to him…a car, a holiday you name it. The song is not about love but more the contractual terms that the relationship was based on.’

In short, the band have really hit it out of the park with this new single. Bring on the forthcoming album, because after two powerhouse singles, it can’t come soon enough. Bravo!

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