Ryan Jarvis Release new EP ‘Rosie’

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Ryan Jarvis and the boys are back with their latest EP ‘Rosie’.

Partying down at Kendal Calling’s house party stage, a slot supporting the Charlatans at their weekend music event North By Northwich, and with a sold out EP launch gig at Jimmy’s in Manchester , the lads are in for an electric summer.

Album Arworkr by Conor Peploe

At first listen, the EP’s title track ‘Rosie’ is one to be marveled. The catchy rhythm, lyrics and electric feel will certainly be received with delight by fans. We asked Ryan about the inspiration behind the lyrics to Rosie, here’s what he said: “Rosie is about the girl who finds you and brings you back to you again. It’s about getting off the 143 bus In Fallowfield and thinking ‘shit, I’m back here again?’ but it’s alright” I think the fans will easily relate to the song, especially the younger demographic. It’s plain to see that ‘Rosie’ will certainly be a banger and has already had its debut play in two of Manchester’s biggest indie nightclubs, safe to say it was received with throwing about £3.60 cans of dark fruit, and Ryan himself.

Both ‘Shy away’ and ‘Shine for me’ were written when Ryan was at the peak of his teenage years (18/19). Shy away has an effective first riff, similar to that of the 1975. Its repetitive nature provides for a soothing and enjoyable listen. “Shy Away came from me leaving college and a few people I met”. The bridge lyrics are particularly catchy- “top of the class and now she’s flat on her arse, she’s got nothing left to shout about”.

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Shine for me is the third and final track of the ‘Rosie’ EP but, by far the most relatable. We asked Ryan where the inspiration for this song was established: “Shine for me spawned from not really having much money to do stuff and that was when I was like 18. Kind of being stuck in the small area I grew up in, it is sort of like a fairytale tune”. I think it’s fair to say most people have been through this stage in their life, or indeed are still well in this stage, so it is nice to see that this song is relevant and optimistic.

Overall, the Rosie EP is a work of songwriting art, carefully and collectively creating songs that are both catchy and understood by the target audience. In addition to a sellout EP release gig at Jimmy’s, Manchester and a slot on Kendal Callings’ House Party stage, Ryan, Drew and Duncan are heading for magnitude. Well done lads!

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