Shader ‘Broken Minds’ ‘An Impressive First Single

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Shader are a four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Macclesfield and Manchester areas and have just released their sensational début single to the world.

Having received praise on the live circuit, have the band managed to capture that magic and transfer it across to recorded music?

A lot of bands fail to make an impact when releasing records after having gained a certain level of popularity on the live side, but Shader don’t fall into this trap, nor come anywhere even close to it. They have managed to record an infectious and melodically precise song that has strong elements of Hurricane No.1 to it, while hitting all the targets that it aims for.

The impressive quality of musicianship is obvious after only a single listen to the track, aided by some shiny and polished production, but the real heart and soul of the track are Stu Whiston’s vocals, which float majestically over the music in a fluid, almost dreamlike state.

‘Broken Minds’ is a tremendous song that gets your full and unabated attention. It’s certainly enough to whet the appetite for more material from this promising up-and-coming group. Nothing but full marks.

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