Stlliia Deliver A Strong Musical Brew With ‘Cold Coffee’

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The Stillia boys have racked up some serious mileage over the last year playing gigs and festivals aplenty and honing their own brand of indie rock.

This hard graft is brought out on this new release ‘Cold Coffee’ which is a serious slice of anthemic indie which I can imagine being played in small and large venues alike.

Hailing from St Helen’s, Stillia are made up of Jack, who is the band’s songwriter, with Connor (lead guitar), Johnny (bass) and Matty (drums). Why we always put drummers last I don’t know but that’s for another day.

Cold Coffee takes us through a scenario which is familiar to most of us. You can picture Jack wandering broodily around his flat (I’m picturing a flat rather than a house) with the eponymous cold coffee on the table, as his mind is tortured by thoughts of whether his current paramour is exactly the right one for him or exactly wrong.

We’ve all been there, right? Jack’s vocal on this is painfully beautiful, with echoes of Mr Ashcroft at his finest and none the worse for that. Backed up by a soaring rhythm section, the composition totally puts across the emotive subject matter.

Stillia play Band on the Wall tonight, ably supported by Danny Mahon and The Ravellas (both also ones to watch). If you’re going you’re in for a treat.

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