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Accomplice One is the first release on Mascots Records new label ‘The Players Club, that was set up for ‘Free Spirited Guitar Music and Jams’

Tommy himself is an interesting guitarist with his unique finger pick style of playing, Tommy was mentored by renowned player Chet Atkins known to many simply as Mr Guitar.

Of the album Tommy had this to say:

It’s been such an honour to work with some of the greatest artists I know, and some of the most inspiring people in music, today,” says Emmanuel about the new, multi-artist project. “I wanted to record an album of duets that could showcase my love of many styles, the challenge of rearranging some classic songs, and share the fun of total improvisation with players who do it on a level that we all marvel at! I also wanted the chance to sing with some of my favourite voices too.

JD Simo, Mark Knopfler, and many more were involved in the recording of the album, it’s an interesting take on classics while at the same time several original songs get the ‘Emmanuel’ treatment. It’s an easy going album and while there are several tracks that instantly struck a chord (apologies for the awful pun!) for me personally, the album contains many more that others will like as its such a multi talented album. Accomplice One not only showcasing Tommy Emmanuel but so many more, it could be described as a group of friends jamming tracks over a period of time – and im guessing this is the ethos behind the Players Club concept.

I enjoyed the JD Simo and Tommy Emmanuel version of Sittin’ on the dock of the bay’, somewhat more uplifting than the original and its clear that both guys enjoyed recording the track.   Personally I wasn’t so sure of Borderline, the Madonna track, but there were other great tracks to enjoy. Purple Haze for example, the collaboration with Jerry Douglas is an interesting and enjoyable take. Djangology featuring Frank Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo is a very different track, Djangology is a love song to Havana Cuba, Mark Knopflers contribution comes on the track You don’t want to get you one of those. Wheelin and Dealin’ is a track that covers genre’s as all three [JD Simo, Tommy Emmanuel and Charlie Cushman] are playing with intensity and it features some very intricate ‘picking’.

As with many albums there are several tracks I played over and over, some not so much, but it certainly brought some great guitar work to the fore. Its easy listening and yet also inspiring, I get the impression it was a fun record to make, and what an interesting Jam it could be if all were together at the same time each bringing their own style to create Accomplice One, a fine record to start The Players Club, keep it up guys.

Always loved music live, enjoy all genre's. Adding photography into the mix has been more recent and enjoying combing the two together. Self confessed vinyl junkie, so if not down the front, often found searching through record shops.

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