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The Old Artic Monkeys have left the building…..

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino on initial listeningfeels more a showcase for Alex Turners future Solo work. (not sure that’s in the offering).

Gone are the high-octane guitar tunes that keep the crowds entertained at major arenas and festivals. In come the Keyboards and The Turner vocals, delving into what must be noted a very different if not bizarre offering. The album has a cruise ship, cocktail lounge feel to it, the type of place you visit to finish off the evening.
Having drifted through the album several times it is clear it is an earworm and needs time to settle, yes for sure Turner has been heavily influenced by other bands and styles, “Star Treatment” the opening track initially opens with the Line, “I Just wanted to be one of the Strokes/now look at the mess you made me make/ Hitchhiking with a Monogrammed suitcase”. Maybe his time in LA is taking its toll.

Not sure how some of this will transfer to Festivals and Arenas later this year, what is for certain is its bold and a definite change of direction. The sartorial lyrics are still there they just need be heard and picked up in a different way. “one point Perspective” opens with the keyboards sounding like the opening of Jay Z,s version of “A Hard Knock Life”. So close infact could probably pinch a credit.

“Tranquillity Base”, the title track has a great almost pulse like bass rhythm throughout, a tight and precise track. Every time I hear it gets that little bit better.
“Golden Trunks” is Beatlesque in its offering, a simple structure for previous Artists Albums. Whilst “4 out of 5” is all about Bowie vocally, not a bad thing, for me it is the stand out track of the album, one that draws you in. “She looks like fun” and “Ultimate cheese” which is probably the coolest track on the album, continue the precise and structured feel to the album.

For some this will be a long haul whilst others, will dismiss it out of hand, who knows where it will take us, but there are very few artists who would have been brave enough to lay this album down and then release it.

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