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Shaun Ryder and Kermit are currently undertaking a record store signing tour to promote their new album Pop Voodoo and stopped off at Sound Knowledge, Marlborough.

Sound Knowledge is an independent record store in the Witshire town Marlborough. The store regularly has personal appearances and signings from established and up and coming bands, Tonights is a signing with Black Grape. 

Black Grape | © Sam Holt | For Flick of the Finger Magazine

I turned up early and hoped to grab a few questions with the band prior to the signing, this wasn’t to be the case as it was going to be busy tonight with a fair sized queue already waiting to see the guys.

First in the queue tonight was a guy called Mike, a local that had been waiting for a few hours. While this was advertised on social media, not all tonights punters were local, several had travelled white a distance.


Black Grape | © Sam Holt | For Flick of the Finger Magazine

Shaun joked with me telling me “I could ask questions while taking photographs”,  I can generally multi task but not so sure about that one.

I asked Shaun which was his first record he bought, he stopped me, and said: ‘I nicked my first record’  the people waiting to have records signed seemed somewhat amused.

When I asked about a band that they wished never existed: Kermit straight away said “numerous, but I shouldn’t say” Shaun on the other hand throught for a while and asked ‘still going, or not”? Then mentioned a band id never heard of. I can only assume it holds bad memories for him.

The final question I put to them both was who was the last band you saw. Kermit replied “it was Richard Ashcroft”

Black Grape | © Sam Holt | For Flick of the Finger Magazine

Short and sweet it may have been, but both guys were amiable and chatty with the assembled people at the store

The album is released Friday August 4th, and the band are appearing at the Hope and Glory festival in Liverpool this coming weekend

Enjoyed live music for ages, from intimate gigs to the bigger stadiums. More recently adding photographing those gigs. I guess If i had to sum it up I just love keeping music live.

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