Foo Fighters Reach 2.2 Million YouTube Views

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Foo Fighters Reach 2.2 Million YouTube Views in First 24 Hours

The people have spoken: They want their summer hard rock anthem and they’ve found it in Foo Fighters’ superlative new “Run.”

In the 24 hours since “Run” was unleashed on the public without warning, an eager populace has devoured the song and its mind boggling time warp of a video to the tune of 2.2 million YouTube views—the highest first-day numbers of any single in the Foo Fighters’ hit-laden career.

At press time, “Run” stood proudly as the the only entry by an actual rock n roll band in theTop 15 of the iTunes songs chart, where it is currently at #14 and climbing. The Dave Grohl-directed “Run” clip has simultaneously hurtled to #5 on the iTunes video chart.

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